5 Ways To Bond With Your Partner During Labor

Human Connection

It is the basic need of human existence. 

It is our first desire outside of the womb. 

Humans are born with a craving for strong bonds between one another.


We are born with 5 basic senses to help us understand and perceive the world around us and Human Connection is the catalyst to feeling safe and confident in all the new things being presented to us.


Bonding with your baby is very important. But, before you can bond with your baby you have to bond with your partner first.


Here are some ideas to bond with your partner based on our 5 senses:



Look at your partner with LOVE. 

You know exactly what I mean. 

The look that defines all the deep feelings you have toward this person. The ability to speak to your partner through your eyes. 

The genuine exchange of passion between one another.

In labor, look into each other’s eyes as often and as long as possible. 

Just that can provide security for both partners.




It’s science.

We are attracted to the smell of our partner. 

Some even say that our subconscious is attracted to the scent of a person’s pheromones, even before our primal attraction.

You can’t deny science, right?!




Trust your intuition partners!

You were born a human who craved human connection.

You have an innate ability to support your partner.

Honestly, all you need to truly say is… “You are amazing.”

Trust that you will know exactly what they need to hear.

Sure we hear the stories of “YOU DID THIS!” but that is simply translated to “Just tell me I can do this!” 

In labor, a filter doesn’t exist.

So read into the root of each thing being expressed.

Trust that there is an end to this birth process.

Trust that you do actually have the right things to say.

Get out of your own head, meet your partner where they need you..



Even water tastes sweeter presented with love.

You be the one that supplies your partner with the essential nutrient to life.

Our bodies are made of 70-75% of water.

In some cultures, water is a medicine.

In some cultures, love is a medicine.

Use this to your advantage.

Give your partner water filled with love.

There is truly no way to go wrong with this one.



How was this life conceived?

Some sort of Touch.

Our bodies respond to touch in so many different ways.

Trying different places and techniques to touch your partner during labor can truly help with the relief of contraction pains.

Don’t be discouraged if they don’t like a few that you try.

You are bound to find at least one place or technique that will be beneficial!

You have to be open to feedback, accept it and try again.


Partners- You are needed in the labor process. Accept your role, find your confidence and go with the flow. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your partner will be. Thus, allowing your baby to enter into this world equally confident as the both of you.