Wisconsin Family Doulas offers an extensive

schedule of professionals for your

family, home & lifestyle.

Our mission is to relieve parents of the burdens associated with finding the best care provider by being your hub of experts in all things pregnancy, birth and parenting.

The Doulas & Professionals work personally with each family to provide:

Innovative Skills

Specialized Techniques

Reliable Resources

Vetted Provider Referrals

Our experienced and seasoned team is required to attend comprehensive in person trainings and obtain certification.

Our mandatory trainings includes staying current on the recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding safe sleep and other health and safety information.

Our team is certified in First Aid & Infant CPR and further their knowledge by attending a number of external training programs.

Nakita Tepolt, Owner


Welcome to parenthood!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our team. I hope you find security in knowing that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and promise to always provide compassion and professionalism to each individual family and situation.

As the oldest of 4 daughters, I truly grew into the caretaker role organically. I've learned to meet people where they are at and to value each conversation for exactly what it is, an opportunity to learn.

Genuinely caring for the well being of others has carried me into my profession and has shaped the way I work with my clients and families today.

I strongly believe that when you have a consistent person or team to support you and the beliefs, parenting styles and personal goals you set your family up for parenting success!

I have been blessed to experience to grow personally and professionally through this career and I am dedicated to leaning into any and all learning opportunities. As a human being, I know that I do not always have the answers but as a connector of people I realize that there is always another person who does.

Through the agency, I am a ProDoula Certified Doula in Labor, Postpartum & Infant Care & Placenta Encapsulation.

My special interests include supporting families with multiples, acknowledging perinatal mood & anxiety disorders/PTSD that affect both partners and working alongside of medical professionals to provide inclusivity for diverse lifestyles, beliefs and cultures.

In my down time, I enjoy time spent with my family. My favorite memories are warm, summer days outside with my children, Atikan & Leolene, while my husband, Trebor, fires up the grill.

I live to leave my imprint on the community. I do this by teaching Iroquois music to children in Oneida, WI. As well as, a Music & Culture class for the Learning for Independence program through NWTC in Green Bay, WI. And training Professional Doulas into successful careers & prosperous businesses for their communities.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing all about your family.
All my best,