Pregnancy SupportWhen you choose Wisconsin Family Doulas to be part of your birth team you get a team of doulas, yes TWO! This ensures that we are completely committed to your family and available to help you welcome you newest little one. Your team will work on an on call schedule, which you will have full access to. One doula will attend your birth, but both attend the precare visits so that you can pick the brain of two of our pregnancy and parenting experts! This means you will feel safe knowing exactly who will be with you on the big day and secure knowing that each doula on your team understands your family as well as your birth wishes.

What does team support look like?

Unlimited Fingertip Support Via Text, Email, or Phone

  • Anytime you have a question or concern your doula is right at your fingertips. She can help you find resources, answers to the question “is it normal” and is the perfect shoulder to lean on throughout your entire pregnancy. Because our doulas work as part of your birth team she knows when calling your OB/Midwife is the best option
Your Team Goes On Call The Moment You Sign The Contract
  • Your doulas are ready when you and your baby are and are available day or night!  You’ll become completely familiar with them both and they will be just as familiar with your family!
One PreCare Visit
  • This is the perfect time to create your birth plan, learn about your parenting styles, talk about what to expect in labor, practice comfort techniques, and get to know your doulas personally
Face To Face Labor Support
  • When you’re ready your doula will join you, helping you either at home or at the hospital, whichever you choose. She will be with you at every step. She can offer a back rub, hold your hand and help you breathe, apply counter pressure, or offer a sip of water. As labor progresses your doula will adjust to you and your families needs and help your partner support you along the way. Birth is unpredictable, but what we can promise is that your doula will help you and your family moment by moment following your lead. After your baby is born, your doula stays until you are settled in. She can assist with the first feeding, whether it be bottle, breast/chest, or skin to skin.
One PostCare Check In
  • After your doula leaves, her support continues! Within the first few days she will check in with you via phone to see how your family is adjusting to their new roles.
One PostCare Home Visit
  • Once you are home your doula will set up a time that works best for you to come and see how you are settling in. This is the perfect time to ask questions in the comfort of your home, work on feeding issues, and of course show off your sweet baby!
A 4 Week Transition Check In
  • Our goal is to set your family up for a seamless tranisition into parenthood and we are available every step of the way to troubleshoot sleeping goals, commiserate, and share triumphs.