Do you want to be happier?

Do you find yourself feeling anything other than… Happy… the majority of time?

Dare or Dare? Try NOT smiling when your favorite feel good song starts playing on the radio. Better yet, add that song to a new playlist and name it “Happy Tunes” and start your day off right by hitting play first thing in the morning! If you didn’t know, music is healing.

Often times we find all the negative things to notice first. Want to know the secret to feel more optimistic and less stressed? It’s simple, write down 3 positive things each day, start with one in the morning, add a mid day check in and then before you lay your head on the pillow write the last positive thing you remember from that day.

3. LET IT GO 💝 
You can boost your happiness by allowing past negativity to be exactly that, the past. Be the boss of your own feelings, give yourself the lessons you teach your children! “Say nice things to yourself. Be good to your body, you only have one. Be proud of who you are.” You have the ability to choose the exact mindset you would like to live in today. So choose what makes you feel the best version of yourself.

Break out of your normal routine and if you don’t have a normal routine, create one! A simple switch up can make all the difference. For example, wake up 5 minutes earlier than you normally would, or 5 minutes later if you need that extra time to rest. Truly, it can be anything to just shake it up a little and be present in where you are and how what you are doing makes you feel.

Connection is the one need that sets us apart from other species. We are humans who need to feel connected to each other. In today’s world, we tend to forget how beneficial being in the presence of another person can have just a positive impact on our outlook for the day. Are you a better parent when you are around others? Do you tend to pay more attention to your feelings, good/bad/indifferent during those moments? Seek out that meaningful conversation. Get connected with someone, it doesn’t have to be with someone you know, heck, it may be better if you don’t know them. Either way, let your guard down a little and bond with another person, chances are you will be doing them a solid just as much. (Side note: It’s proven to improve your sense of well-being.)


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