Local, Loveable, Lickable Ice Cream Shops

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!!

In honor of National Ice Cream Month we wanted to share our favorite local places! Take a minute to cool off and wind down with some yummy, melty, goodness!

Dairy Cove– Cecil: Great big servings for great big ice cream lovers! Window service with lots of outdoor seating

Dippy’s– Fish Creek: Fast, fantastic service and even better ice cream in the heart of the Door County atmosphere

Frosty Tip– Dykesville: Old school, walk up style window offering towering cones that touch the sky! Simple Americana at it’s best

Frozen Spoon– Sturgeon Bay: Watch the boats float by as you add your favorite toppings to as many flavors of yogurt as you like. Then have a blast playing the yard games outside or board games and chalk wall indoors

Kewaunee Custard– Kewaunee: Try a new flavor every day and don’t miss out on the delicious cheese fries

Malibu Moo’s Frozen Griddle– Fish Creek: Door County presents to you a little island life as you enjoy frozen yogurt and shaved ice right on the harbor! All this yumminess made from all natural ingredients on Door County’s only frozen griddle

Not Licked Yet– Fish Creek: Bring your family, bring your dog, bring your appetite to a quaint little hotspot along the water! Delicious ice cream and hamburgers sandwiched in fresh baked buns.

Schof’s Hilltop Dairy– Carlsville: Come to watch the farmer milk the cows and visit a friendly petting zoo while you enjoy creamy homemade ice cream

Smart Cow– Green Bay: Self serve yogurt bar and pile on your favorite toppings, syrups and fruits to create a dish all your own! Watch for special dates when proceeds are given back to local schools and organizations

Wilson’sEphriam: Lots of great flavor choices and the double scoop is gigantic! Biggest bang for your buck

Zesty’sGreen Bay: Life’s short, eat dessert first, but don’t forget to indulge in their amazing food while you’re there too

We love ice cream as much as you do and wanted to make your quest as easy as possible! Be sure to click on the store names for direct links to the ice cream shop!

Happy Ice Cream-ing,

Wisconsin Family Doulas