We know that recovery is an important factor to creating a positive postpartum transition. We also know that your family wants the best supplements out there. Maybe you've heard about Placenta Encapsulation and are a little curious about the benefits. Let us explain!
What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is a process of preparing a mother's placenta after birth so that she can consume it in supplement form. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists use the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM). The process is simple and includes steaming, dehydrating, powdering, and placing it in capsules.

What are the benefits and is it safe?
This time is precious and private and we treat this procress as such. Our specialists meet with you prenatally to help you determine your specific needs. Are you looking to balance your horomones, moods, or boost your energy levels? Maybe you want to establish your milk supply, lessen your recovery time, or increase iron levels and essential nurtients. Some second or third time parents have experienced postpartum depression and want to avoid those moments again. Experts at Wisconsin Family Doulas will sit down and create a plan with you.
You're concerned about your health and we are too. That is why we only allow experts to perform this service. All of our specialists are triple certified in encapsulation, food safety, and blood borne pathegons and adhere to the highest standards Wisconsin has to offer following OSHA guidelines.
What can I expect?
At your prenatal meeting you will receive a transport kit with instructions on bringing your placenta home. You can be certain that a stranger has not tampered with your placenta because it will be safely in your care until you arrive home. We understand that these first moments are precious and by encapsulating in your home our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are able to offer you this service in a completely different capacity. Some families enjoy being involved with the process while others just appreciate the added benefits of having a parenting expert at their fingertips. Once it is brought home we will begin to process your placenta. When complete you will be left with 70-200 capsules as well as guidelines on the best way to use them according to your personalized prenatal plan. 
Placenta Encapsulation services can include:
  • Transport Kit and Instructions
  • Complete Encapsulation Process
  • Guidelines Pamphlet and Ingestion Recommendations
  • Glass Storage Container
  • Cord Keepsake and Print (optional & free of charge)
  • Tincture (additional charge)