PostCare and the Postpartum Doula

So you’ve heard the buzz? Maybe you’ve even researched the difference between Night Nannies and Postpartum Doulas. Or maybe you’ve stumbled on this blog unintentionally and are now intrigued.

Unlike Night Nannies or Night Nurses, the Postpartum Doulas’ goal is to facilitate an environment. We care for the family as a whole. We really pick up where Night Nurses and Night Nannies leave off. Where they are solely responsible for meeting a baby’s basic needs, which of course is priority, a Postpartum Doula has a larger and more inclusive goal.

Postpartum Doulas lift you up, as a family, together. Anytime you need an extra set of hands or a listening ear. Daytime, evening, nights, and weekends because parenting isn’t 9:00- 5:00. Yes, we do the light physical tasks like dishes, laundry, meal prep, dog walking you name it, but the meaning behind the tasks is what is truly important to us. This is why, we at Wisconsin Family Doulas, we choose the term PostCare support.

That larger goal we mentioned? It’s to facilitate an environment of complete care where each parent feels heard, validated, confident, and supported. When all is said and done, after the physical tasks are completed, families can feel a sense of ease and freedom to do what instinctively we crave- connect.

There is time to connect and snuggle your new baby or work on your feeding relationship. You have the peace to make the eye contact and smile at each other.

There is time to connect and sit on the couch with your partner, hold hands and laugh at that show you’ve fallen behind on. You have the ease to let go and fall asleep next to each other, catch up on those missing exhausted hours and the intimacy you’ve set aside.

There is time to connect and take your toddler outside and push them on the swing. You have the calm to create your own silly chaos through tickles and giggles.

There is time to reconnect with yourself, your newly found self, as you navigate who you are as a parent. You can indulge in a hot shower or take in some fresh air outside. You have the extra hands, the support and the confidence to ask the questions and make the choices that work for your family and be at peace with your new role.

Our Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas join you in your home and help you create a family care plan that fits your individual needs. We match your family dynamic and tackle the tasks that keep you from those feelings of calm. We help you sift through parenting options and are experts in “Is this normal?”.

That larger and inclusive goal? It is to provide you with confidence and connection.

That’s what PostCare is all about.

We would love to talk more with you to see how your family could benefit and enjoy the support of a PostCare team. Email us at or call us at (920)255-2512 to set up a complimentary consult!