You’ve added to your family and you’ve got this whole parenting thing down, right? It’s OK, you can say no! It’s a huge transition to add a little baby to the mix.

Imagine, you’ve just stepped into your home with your cute new baby and carseat to boot and then…cue the horomones, laundry, dishes, furbabies, hungry children, sleep (or no sleep), visitors, unwated-never ending advice, feeding issues, and did we mention the mood swings? Who wouldn’t feel even just a tad overwhelmed!

You’re so lucky to have the help of your parents, friends, or neighbors in the very beginning, but remember that cute new baby we mentioned? Of course friends and family will want baby snuggles and then very quickly things get back to normal. But what is normal with a new baby? How do you find it?

Enter Your Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specialist!

We offer 4 hour minimum day time shifts, 8 hour minimum over night care, as well as temporary live in support so that you can create the support package that works best for your needs. Our doulas are trained and certified, offering the most up to date information as you need it and expertise you can feel comfort in.


What does Postpartum Care look like?

Recovery and Care
  • Finding time for a shower, nap, hot cup of coffee, lending a shoulder to commiserate, talking out obstacles, game planning hurdles, unbiased informational support, local resources.
Light Housework
  • Tidying up, taking out the garbage, doing dishes, folding laundry, stocking changing areas, prepping bottles, attend to pets, and more.
Meal Prep
  • Stocking freezer meals, baking lactation goods, prepping meals​.
Transition Family
  • Help adjust to roles, make older children feel comfortable, attend to baby so parents can spend time with siblings, accompany test run on the first grocery store trip, assist at doctor trips, and more.
Faciliate Sleep and Sleep Coaching
  • Overnight care of baby during tranisitions back to work or when you just need to recharge, creating schedules and sleep patterns.