Stay Productive & Organized in 2020

I Always Fail at my New Year’s Resolutions…

I don’t know about you but every New Year I set a goal that is sometimes just a little too far fetched. This year I plan to set realistic goals to do on a daily basis. My plan is to create healthy habits to promote better decisions for myself and my body.

Do as I say, NOT as I do… Yeah right, get REAL!

Those little human children are watching our every move. It’s our job to lead by example. Especially because their life skills and tools are set by choosing to do or not do what was shown to them during their childhood. So, here’s the challenge, start to live the way you want your children to live their lives.


Here are my REALISTIC daily goals…

(*And maybe a few Doula shout outs, well, because we are Doulas after all.*)

Make the bed as soon you wake up.

I know that sounds silly but if you start your day with something productive you are more likely to keep that momentum. Get your mind thinking. Use that as a driving force.

*Ask your Overnight Doula to help with the baby and/or littles so you can focus on yourself allowing you to have a few minutes before duty calls to parent-it-up*

Drink a glass of water.

Water is the essential nutrient for our bodies. When we are sleeping for any period of time we are burning calories and exercising our unconscious. When we wake up we need to replenish. So start with the most important need that truly our body is craving.

*One thing the Doulas here at WFD makes sure to do on each Postpartum shift is MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER. It’s our promise, we will find every opportunity to keep your water glass full.*

Make a list.

Write down the top three things that you would like to accomplish for that day. Making a list will help prioritize everything on your plate. Start using technology for its greatness. There are so many apps that make it so easy to do this. Or if you prefer pen and paper, do it that way. The point is… to just do It.

*I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love lists! However, at times my list is a little too far fetched, like my New Year’s resolutions. Helping parents accomplish their lists though, that’s a different story! If you have your mind set on doing the dang things on the list, our doulas will make sure you have every chance to do so.*

Get dressed.

Be mindful when you are picking out your outfit for the day. Remember what’s on your daily to do list. If there are any meetings that you have to be a part of, wear something that makes you feel confident but comfortable because in order to feel confident, you have to feel comfortable.

*Postpartum healing can be uncomfortable at times. When you are leaking from everywhere and sleep deprived, who really wants to put on real clothes?! And who even has “Postpartum” clothes in their closet?! Well, your Doula team can help with that. Whether is it being the extra set of hands for a family outing or running to the store to grab a few pieces that will be comfortable and look nice. As Professional Doulas, we know comfort and style like the back of our hands.*

Go Outside.

Get some fresh air.  In the Midwest, during the winter months, we forget how important it is to get outside. Our bodies need to feel the sun on our skin, even if it is just our faces. Avoiding that feeling of needing to hibernate is almost impossible when you have a new baby. But your body won’t regret it, promise.

*Have your Doula help set up the stroller/baby carrier while you dress baby appropriately for the weather. Or vice versa. Your Doula may have really great suggestions and tricks to make this happen comfortably for everyone.*

See yourself.

Reflect on each thing you cross off your list. Give yourself the praise you deserve! You did the things! Whether they were hard or not, you did something you wanted to do. You set out to do something and you did it. That’s it! Celebrate the little things, they all add up at the end of the day.

*Doulas are known for our amazing ability to attune to our clients. As parents, we are our worst critic and tend to be a bit harsh on ourselves. Your Doulas will be sure to validate your feelings, all while encouraging you to see the amazing parts of what you are providing to your family and most importantly, YOURSELF.*

Reminder: Be good to you!

We all want to see our babies being amazing human beings. Not only to themselves but of course to others around them. Be the best person for them to learn from. AND take a moment to learn from them. Simplicity is key. They are experts at reminding us of that.

NOW, Go Have a Happy New Year!


Nakita Tepolt & YOUR Doula Team!