Things might not go as planned…

Things might not go as planned…


I don’t know about you, but I have found myself being envious of that one person we know or have been told about, who has had that beautiful, amazing, perfect birth experience.


My initial attraction to birth work stems from hearing so many birth stories that included trauma and how many women carry that weight around on a regular basis. I couldn’t keep listening to stories of how these experiences continually affected the bond with baby, partner and the family as a whole, the postpartum healing process, but most importantly the perception they now believe of themselves.


And sure, I could take this time to try to educate about the possible interventions and provide scenarios to prepare for. 

But, I’ll save that for Childbirth Education classes. 


I want to focus on how I’ve had so many opportunities to watch parents walk away from their birth with pride and enter parenthood with confidence. 

Simply by choosing to shift their focal point to connection, communication and the belief in themselves and one another.


We were all born with the ability to be patient, accepting and kind. 

We were all young once, we all had dreams and aspirations that weren’t hindered by the “what if’s” and self doubt. 

What happened to that person? 

Life experiences, all the responsibilities and the demands of adulthood happened. We were challenged, over and over again, doubt became the normal go to in order to survive.


But what if we applied the simplicity from our earlier selves? 

You know, the one where we didn’t get upset if we got dirt on our pants. The times when our hair being wild meant we had an amazingly fun day. 


Can we just imagine what it looks like to hold space for our inner being to do just that; understand that we may not have control in what happens, but we do have control of our perception.

Accept that every experience is an opportunity to grow and evolve. 


So with that I encourage you to remind yourself that…

things might not go the way you planned, but that doesn’t mean you lose hope. 

Stay positive. Stay focused.