Top 5 Inside Activities To Pass A Snow Day

If you live in the Midwest you’re no stranger to the unpredictable winter weather! This week called for a snow storm that left us with 13 inches and intense wind that has blown all that fluffy snow around creating white out driving conditions. Needless to say, we’ve fallen victim to not only one, but TWO SNOW DAYS! With wind chills reaching a debilitating -50 degrees in some areas we are waiting around to see how many more days we might be cooped up inside yet this week


And then…the “ping” and another alert pops up on my phone. Our school district just closed for two more days! No matter how much we love these little people, everyone gets a bit stir crazy after multiple days off of school.


Here’s to hoping we can help you out with some creative time passers during this frigid cold snap! Below is our Top 5 Favorite Inside Activities (These ideas are a group effort between myself and my 9 and 5 year old!)


  1. Board games! Seems simple and obvious, but board games are a lost past time now that  Tablets and iPads have stolen the spotlight. Dust off the old favorites like Checkers and Battleship or add some fresh excitement to your game closet. We highly recommend Quick Cups and 5 Second Rule.
  2. Make Oobleck! This sensory goo keeps us busy for hours. Is it a solid? A liquid? Or Both?? Add measuring cups, plastic animals, and spoons for extra fun. Most kitchens have corn starch just waiting for this activity! Here is the link for lots of Oobleck fun.
  3. Build forts! It’s too cold to construct a snow fort, but that hasn’t stop our living room from turning into a cave! All you need is a few blankets to drape over couches, tables, and chairs. Add a desk lamp, books, and trail mix and you have a cozy book nook.
  4. Bake! Cookies, brownies, banana bread, whatever your fancy. This is the perfect time to restock your freezer too. We make an extra batch of muffins and pancakes to enjoy during our quick mornings before school. Just let them cool completely and pop them into a Ziploc freezer bag. Take out as many as you need the night before!
  5. Become resourceful! Noodles and cotton balls make amazing objects to scoop and dump with dump trucks. Our living room has turned into a construction site and snow removal company on numerous occasions. Add tiny scoops, shovels, or tongs and kids don’t even realize they are developing fine motor skills while they play!


Good luck to all of you moms and dads out there, just trying to keep everyone busy and fed!